Best Legal Firm

Our Manchester office was thrilled to win the City of Manchester Business Awards Best Law firm 2014. We picked up our trophy at the Downtown Manchester in Business dinner at Manchester Cathedral on 20 March. First of all, thank you to everyone who voted for us. We would not have won without you.

Ian getting award

This is what we said to convince the Judges, to whom we also offer our thanks.

Why Freeth Cartwright should win

Freethinking. Our brand and what we do.

We are lawyers who do not behave like lawyers. We get to know our clients put ourselves in their shoes and work out what they would want. Then we agree a goal, a price and a strategy and give it to them. We give quick and decisive advice not a range of options.

Big picture

We are 66 in the top 100; a National firm with a commitment to Manchester and the business community.

Taking part in discussions and debates to promote and improve the City

  • Supporting and working in Manchester charities
  • Banging the Manchester drum
  • Looking after Manchester businesses
  • Recruiting local staff.
  • Looking after the local business community from our Manchester base
  • From this office we also serve nationally known organisations
  • Not using legalese
  • Putting money into Manchester by having great team outings.

Ian Alan Paul and Christine

Clients not us

We are all about our clients, their needs and wants. We do not waste time or money. We give clear and decisive advice for a good clean result. The client’s bottom line is the driver.

Clients are particularly impressed by the Firm’s value for money.  One told us how “they are working with us to reduce our legal spend, which I find pretty unique for a law firm”” Chambers UK

Helen and Emma

Being passionate

We care about the result. We are in to win in a deal or a dispute. Our entrepreneurial and commercial approach means that it is the client not the lawyer who is the story.

We fight for the right result for our clients with pragmatism and passion which gets the job done better and earns respect from all sides.

Seriously modern

Our IT is award winning, bespoke, seriously 21st Century and designed to reduce the cost to clients and maximise efficiency and service levels.

Having fun

Law is about more than the job. It is for human beings. People like the people here; as their lawyer, their opponent and their customer. Our job it to support our client to the end of the project while making the passage as easy as possible so they can get on with their day jobs.

And we muck in.

Good place to work

Our attrition is low but our retention is high. People who leave us come back. We have great camaraderie that flows through to our dealings with people outside the firm.

Summat for nowt

Not everything we do is for money. Making introductions and leads for others create opportunities for them to get a platform for what they want to do is second nature. There is nothing it in for us but a great satisfaction if it works.

And it has worked

10 years of growth from a mere 3 to a staff of 40. Every time we take a new lease, we trade up.



To double our team and turnover in the next 2 years by adding new departments such as IP/IT and increasing existing ones.


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