Coronation Street Courtroom Drama!

We had high drama last week when we performed our ‘mock trial’ event for the Institute of Credit Management’s North West Branch.  Vickie Nijjar and I dusted off our gowns (and our acting skills) to play the barristers in the case and our colleague, Jody Kite, presided as judge over the proceedings with two ICM members (Victoria Herd and Peter Gent) acting as the warring parties.

The setting was an old police station courtroom which has been renovated by Coronation Street and is used in their own courtroom scenes (think Fizz on trial for the murder of Colin Fishwick and Deirdre on trial for fraud!).  We were even given a tour of the cells where prisoner scenes are filmed.

Unfortunately the subject matter of our trial wasn’t quite as exciting as a soap opera script – a claim for damages for breach of an exclusive supply agreement – but it was received really well.  The success of it was that rather than attending a seminar for an hour or two where you receive an update on the recent developments in court procedure or on recent cases on contract law, it was a chance to see how a real dispute over payment or performance of a contract can end up being played out in court.

Cross-examining the witness

We gave commentary on the case along the way, threw in an extra-marital affair for added spice and asked the audience to give their verdict before the judge delivered his.

I quite enjoyed the whole experience – maybe I could get a part as an extra in Corrie!


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